Another Dimension Education 

The Two Schools that do not have graduate school’s but rather focus on undergraduate and liberal Arts, and are most always rated the highest are Amherst College and Williams College.

Somers had Amherst as his first choice. He received a message from the Dean of Williams College. “You will undoubtedly be admitted to Amherst but if not, contact me immediately.”
Somers was the first person in his class to receive a job offer. It was from an organization that Somers Preferred because of their training program.

He applied only to one one graduate school for an MBA from Harvard. While at Harvard, there were several clubs for example, there was the marketing club, that had over half of the student body as members.  Somers was president of the marketing club.

There was the finance club, where he was vice president.

He was also on the board of directors for the public affairs club.

Why did Somers set up his own management and consulting firm.

While at the Harvard Business School, he picked Arizona as a place with wonderful climate and dramatic growth.

When he became the youngest bank president. He had to move to Seattle, so when the offer came for him to come back to Phoenix.

He got a surprise on the first day when the bank was sold. For me, more details on how he became the youngest bank president, because of his marketing success, and because of his position in Seattle. Please see the third section forward about Confident, Dynamic, and Effective, Speaking about the 2 most important speeches.

The most educational thing you can do is Travel. Somers has lectured on six continents. 


List of franchises Somers White has helped

Last One Who Should Have Ever Succeeded

4th Grade

The boy was in the 4th grade, there were 45 students. Once a week, the music teacher came. The boy was so awkward, the music teacher said to him, “You can draw, while the other 44 work on our singing and music.” Question: What do you think that did to his self-esteem?

5th Grade

In the 5th grade, he was in a store with his father, and his father said, “Do you like that red shirt? Would you like one?” The boy replied, “I would love one Dad, I am the only one in my class that doesn’t have a red shirt like that.” He did not think that he was worthy to ask for anything.

Completely Awkward

He was so clumsy and had such poor hand-eye coordination that his father bought a ping-pong table. When the ball was 3 feet in the air, he was swinging his paddle an inch from the bottom of the board. When the ball was at the bottom of the board, he was swinging his paddle 3 feet above it.

6th Grade

In the 6th grade, it was found that he was reading at the 1st grade level. His mother had two choices, she could send him back with the retarded kids, or he could be put back in the 1st grade where he would be twice as tall as anyone else, and would be known as the class DUNCE.

Being Able To Compete

He was going to parochial school and the nun said, “Let me work with him.” He could not compete with the people who were more handsome and beautiful than he; had wealthy parents; had great memories; were whizzes with test; were articulate; etc.

How Was Failure Turned Into Success

He needed simple concepts, so that is what the nun taught him. They were things that were easy to use, easy to do, and non-manipulative.

So he began to gather more and more of these ways to not do things the usual way, and built the ability to think differently than any person in the room. This let him compete and win.

The result was that this least likely to succeed got in and graduated from two elitist schools, Amherst College and the Harvard Business School.

At both institutions, he was the 1st one in his class to get his job in the exact organization he wanted, and the city he wanted. How he went on to be a marketing wonder kind and become, without nepotism, the youngest bank president in America.

Elective Office

When everybody said that he did not have 1 in 20 chances, he was elected to the Arizona State Senate.

The 2 Most Important Speeches

There is an attachment about the two most important speeches he ever gave. He went on and turned 1 paid speaking engagement into 3,000 speaking engagements in all 50 states and 6 continents. Becoming a CPAE member speaker hall of fame and holding the same level of exudence with the FIMC and the management consulting profession.

Turning Low Self-Esteem Into Real Self-Confidence

He understands why people have low self-esteem and how to build real self-confidence giving the person a terrific inter-self-strength.

Negotiating Speech at Top 20% HP Dealers and IBM Dealers