Somers White had a phenomenal success in Sales and Marketing. The reason is because he approaches it differently than anyone else in the world. 

He starts out with a concept that you have to have a strategy which he calls Marketing. Under that falls:




Market Research

Time Management

The Use of Timing



Recently, I conducted a seminar in the afternoon for the officers  of a $5 billion bank, At dinner, I was seated next to a blonde lady in a long black dress, whose first name was Olga. She stood out among the various people around her. As we chatted, I found that her husband was the Vice President of a company that provided services for the bank and she acted as an interpreter and translator. She did translations in Russian, Spanish, English, German, French, Italian and Yugoslavian.

Naturally, I was interested in know how she came to be familiar with all of these languages. She told me her father had been a Colonel in the Russian Army and after the Revolution he went to Yugoslavia, but the household was conducted in the pre-revolutionary Russian Manner.

As World War II Started, They went to Germany so her father could “Fight to free Russia.” They moved to Germany and after the war moved to Austria and then eventually migrated to Cararas, Venezuela.

Olga opened a Stamp and Coin store. We talked about the importance of timing in selling stamps. The timing is probably a little different than the timing in selling stamps. The timing is probably a little different than the timing of which you are thinking.

She related to me how a customer might come in and ask for a particular stamp. She might already have it in stock. She would indicate to the customer that she was pretty sure that she could get the stamp for the customer. If he would be sable to let him know. The idea was to let the excitement build. As the person waited, There was the anticipation. There are many old sayings about anticipation such as, “The anticipation of the trip is usually better than the trip itself.” When the customer came back, she would tell the customer, yes, she had located the stamp, and she was going about securing it. Of course, the customer checked again and wanted to know how it was coming. He received additional encouragement and he began to ask questions such as: “when would the stamp be coming? Was it coming through direct purchase? Was she going to get it through an auction?” The value of the stamp was increased by the anticipation. It was the use of timing. It is the sense of play. Even an animal has the sense of timing/play. Thin of a dog with a rag in his mouth deciding when to pull as you hold on to the other end of the rag.

Think of the cat with the mouse.

With Somers it is all about:




Follow Through

Follow Up Afterwards

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Salesmanship list of characteristics
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Super Increase in Sales

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When Somers was in the State Senate and was asked a question his motto always was, “If there is 1 out of 1000 chances that you could be wrong, do not give that answer.

“Tear out this page and take it to the bank and see if you can get the low interest rate.”

Stop losing money. Everyone else says make



more money. If you have a hole in your pocket and you drop a dime, you will bend down to pick it up.

Figure it would take another year for the banks to follow up.

In one year it followed Somers prediction, it increased its savings deposit 1000% before the others banks followed.

Somers found out that 1 out of every 3 installment loans, people called and wanted some kind of an extension.

The plan Somers came up with: 

Based on the simple concept that with some minor variations that you can adopt.